Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book Review - Hearts Truth

Heart's Truth
Tasmin Baker
ISBN: 978-0-9875982-3-3
Publisher: Steam eReads

Heart's Truth is a lovely little novella that strikes at the core of the struggles same sex relationships struggle with in our day and age. Yet, despite this awareness, Tasmin Baker offers the avid romance reader a HEA ending, so Heart's Truth becomes a charming story of one young man's discovery of his homosexuality and the journey he takes to come to terms with it, bundled up with the joy and celebration of love typical of all romance novels.

The novella starts out from thirty year old Marcus' point of view, a single gay man at a party with mostly straight people. It doesn't take long for his ravenous eye to settle on Danny, his friends younger brother, a twenty-one year old whose loins are set to flame at the sight of Marcus, and yet who hasn't really examined the truth of his feelings for men. We first meet the men on equal terms, the narrative delicately flitting between Marcus' careful seduction of Danny and Danny's growing enthusiasm as he finally finds a connection that gives him pleasure.

However, soon Heart's Truth becomes Danny's story, as Marcus comes to terms with the changes happening to him by the middle of the novella. It is Danny who has the biggest journey to travel here, and Danny who carries the burden of straight opinion of queer lifestyle. Under Tasmin Bakers deft hand, the careful blossoming of the relationship develops to the point where Danny must make a choice.

Tasmin Baker has taken a lovely story and woven it carefully around deliciously erotic couplings between the experienced Marcus and the tentative but highly aroused Danny. It's an exciting and titillating thing to be in the same room as these two men as they express such deep intimacy and passion for each other.

Heart's Truth is a short read, but a very pleasant one. 

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