Saturday, April 12, 2014

Book review - A Raspberry In The Dark

A Raspberry in the Dark
Zephyr Indigo
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This charming little series is just getting better and better. Zephyr Indigo has really settled in by the third book, and if the first two could have dealt with a little more editing, then there isn't the same thing needed in this third.

The series is Pixie Chix - Tales of a Lesbian Vampire, and if the combination of a lesbian vampire and pixies was a little sexually confronting (for me it was - not in a bad way, just something I wasn't used to thinking about sexually) the third book sees this combination settling in strongly. Sex between the delicious little pink haired pixie and the luscious Felicia is the best Zephyr has written, particularly because it is done without the bodies - a very nice twist that ends up being far more stimulating than expected.

But more than that, the vivid world Zephyr has created really comes alive more in the third book now, and I find myself wanting more, something I experienced with the first two, but not as strongly. The character development is good, I'm getting more and more attached to Felicia and share her good natured happiness and confusion at the strange rules of the world she is now inhabiting.

This series gets better and better. Looking forward to book 4!

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