Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogging from A - Z Challenge - April 14 L

L is for love and lust.

While I agree that love and lust are completely different things, it is when they are combined that I derive the greatest satisfaction from both. I do not confuse lust with desire - desire is the feeling of wanting someone or wanting something to happen, whereas lust is the focused desire for a specific person or object. Desire is ephemeral, something that bubbles to the surface via our subconscious, planted there from a misunderstood childhood gesture or a now far faded memory of some event whose pattern far outweighs its significance. Lust is a force.


Lust can be manufactured. It can be controlled, focused, used as a tool for passion. Lust is something you can find in any person, object or thing. It's real, immediate, happening to you now. Lust is the concentrated drive of a collection of moods - desire, habit, force, demand, insistence, passion, excitement, courage. Lust magnifies itself if you are willing to let it take over.


Love is something else entirely, but when love and lust are combined, the sexual connection becomes so much larger than a perfunctory mechanical action. Sex is a truly remarkable thing, because the mood behind it can turn the same action from an act of deepest love to an act of deepest hatred and violence. Lust is the mechanism to channel that force. You can lust out of anger, hatred and a desire to permanently wound. You can take those types of actions on a person, and find lust in them.

Sex from desire usually bores me. I have little or no time for the "attraction" to the person on the street, the work colleague or man in the bar. That sort of sex is an escape, like junk food or bad TV, and it is very rare that those sorts of encounters leave us feeling enriched.

Love and lust combined are a deep exploration of the erotic. They include an ocean of feeling and adrenaline fueled experience. If you love someone, but your lust for them seems to have evaporated, the exciting thing about that is that it is there, laying dormant like a volcano, ready to explode at any time.


  1. Lust is fleeting and at the end you wonder why??? hahahaha but both together now that is something that is oooh-la-la

    1. ha ha ha ha - sooooo true! Lust is sort of like the appetizer, but love is the full main meal!

  2. There are so many people who don't know the difference. I experienced lust for a long time. Now, i'm ready for love.

    1. oh - that's really sweet.
      I agree that the difference is not always obvious.