Monday, January 20, 2014

The First Taste is Free - A Pixie Chix Review

The First Taste is Free

Zephyr Indigo
Publisher: Indie
Tags: Fantasy, Lesbian sex, hot, short story
Heat Level: Super spicy

Being friends with a Pixie is like living in a candy store, except the shelves are lined with every flavour of sex… and there’s still lots of candy!”  —  Plutarius the Wise
(quote taken directly from Zephyr Indigo's website)

The irrepressible Zephyr Indigo is one of those marvellously creative people who take the great time, effort and courage to self publish, including killer covers that made me want to grab the book off the e shelf and dive right in. How do I know how extraordinary these people are? I am one myself (cue big grin). However, what I am not, in any way, is intimate with Pixies and Faeries.

Now, having read the first book in the Pixie Chix series (what a great name) I am wishing I was more familiar, and intending to become so by continuing my reading. Zephyr has created a magical world in the snow that I am keen to revisit. 

The First Taste is Free is actually free, making a very nice meta-narration on what happens in the book against Zephyr's relationship with her readers. Felicia is a vampire, wandering the woods, running from her history, and naturally avoiding the fact that she brought her problems with her. Soon she meets the deliciously named Mint, who with an arched brow and a seductive swagger, lures the hungry (in more ways than one) vampire to meet a Goddess. 

Soon, Felicia discovers the strangeness in her world has only just begun. 

The only problem with The First Taste is Free is that it is over too quick. Zephyr writing is a tad rushed, but to be fair, this is the teaser book - very short (I feel like a cheat calling it "read" on goodreads) and meaty with info rather than heavy on characterisation. Zephyr is concentrating on building a world here, and its up to the reader to let themselves disappear. 

The First Taste is Free does, however leave you wanting more. And is that really a problem?

To find out more about the gorgeous Zephyr Indigo, hop onto her website. 

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