Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blasphemous Sex Stories

There is surprisingly little research or serious investigation into the nature of  certain fantasies, and this is interesting considering their cultural value. For example, it is instantly recognisable that certain cultures favour certain kinds of sexuality...

Japanese - Bondage

German - Domination and Submission

Indian - Incest

... there are others of course, but one of the key fascinations of white Anglo cultures, is the idea of sex with taboo religious figures, such as priests, nuns, monks, cardinals, rabbi, imam etc. At the surface, it is clear these are the untouchables in our culture, those who have vowed to devote themselves to a different sort of lifestyle. However, there are reasons I suspect this is only part of the story.

Freud talked about a thing called sublimation, which is the drive of the sexual into a "higher" or superior calling. That is, we are all driven by an animistic style of sexual drive, however the mature individual with aspirations for themselves and humanity will sublimate this desire in order to shift the drive toward a goal that pushes elevates humanity. This, only partially, explains why religious superiors will take on the challenge of abstinence, but it is also why many artists, scientists and philosophers devote themselves to monogamy or abstain from sex all together.

Jung took this a little further, to be emblematic of the "plasticity" of sexual drive. Not that it was being suppressed, rather transformed into something else.

Given the above, it makes sense that our own sexual desire would be attracted to the idea of subverting or redirecting the goals of these people. The excitement comes from our defeat of their goal.

However, if this were the case, wouldn't we be equally as desirous to fantasise about the thick-rimmed-glasses geek, or the chain-smoking writer? They may be attractive archetypes in real life (if my partner is intelligent and they love me, then I must be extraordinary) but they don't even begin to consume our desire like the idea of a Priest insisting on sexual play during confession, or taking a nun by force.

I explored some of this in my sexploitation series All for Nun. Admittedly that is a parody / funny / pornographic look at the desire within us to exploit these people as symbols of religion.

In part two of this post (tomorrow) I will talk a little about what I noticed when I did some research into our obsession with religious leaders.


  1. You haven't added blasphemoussex involving Islam and Christianity and Hinduism. is a great site for that

    1. Oh Great!
      Thanks for that. You can never get enough blasphemous stories I say - although I think I did address Christianity in the above post. ;)