Monday, January 20, 2014

Blasphemous Sex Stories - Part Two

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In yesterday's post, I spoke about the strange fascination Anglo cultures have with the erotic coupling with religious figures.
This is the second half of that post.

When I wrote All For Nun, I did a lot of "research" (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) into 1950's and 1960's nunsploitation porn, vintage erotica written about Priests and Nun's and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on.

There are several consistencies that I found:

1. Sex with a religious figure is secret.

2. Sex with a religious figure is a breech of trust and a betrayal of societies values.

3. Sex with a religious figure can be domination or submission, initiated by them or inflicted on them.

4. Sex with a religious figure often included the devil, or demons in some way.

5. Sex with a religious figure usually included an overwhelming explosion of lust that cannot be stopped.

6. Sex with a religious figure always includes iconography - crosses, habits, cloaks etc.

7. Sex with a religious figure is transgressive - lesbian, homosexual, group - but rarely interracial.

8. Sex with a religious figure usually involves religiously sanctioned misogyny.

9. Sex with a religious figure is almost always connected with financial corruption.

10. Sex with a religious figure is emblematic of organisational corruption - it is rarely one priest or nun in isolation, but an enormous secret society of lustful corruption.

Some of these consistencies are obvious, like corruption of the soul and secrecy. But beneath that is a lustful longing for the stripping away of hypocrisy as well as a desire for the crumbling of society. The financial connection is interesting. In almost all religious figure porn, there are financial transactions taking place, usually with a priest pimping nuns, or taking bribes to turn away from spiritual crime.

Sometimes, and I included this in All For Nun, the betrayal of innocence includes parental betrayal. My young Nun has been sent to the terrible convent, because she couldn't control her teenage lust.

I think this is all very interesting when you position it against our intense fury when we discover this may have been happening for real in life. The anger unleashed on corrupt priests and nuns (and other religious figures) mirrors our secret lust. We need these people to be who they purport to be, not matter how tempted they may be from their chosen path. Our desire represents the opposite of our need, and our lust comes from a fear that what we are secretly wishing for might come true.

Like the fear addict who can't stop watching horror movies, our lust for sex with religious figures, includes our terror that it might come true.

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