Saturday, January 18, 2014

Berry Flavours - Review

Berry Flavours

Darry Fraser
Publisher: Steam eReads
ISBN: 978-0-9923850-6-4
Tags: Contemporary, holiday, themed, rural, novella.
Heat Level: gentle, warm and sexy.
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Does the thought of relaxing with a famously hand crafted boutique wine on a large homestead veranda, looking over a vibrant vineyard appeal to you? What about food writing so vivid and alive you can smell and taste the flavours as you read? Do you like a little suspense, a little mystery and a little family drama in with your evolving romance? And speaking of romance, how does sexy vineyard-owning man with a strong sense of family, stability and passion in his intense green-eyed stare appeal to you?

If you like the sound of this, then Berry Flavours is for you. Set in part of the famous South Australian wine country, Darry Fraser has built a world on an age-ripened, family owned vineyard that includes a cast of characters you will want to be friends with, a sleepy romantic Aussie town, enough action to feel like you need to head to the big city for a break, and generations old mysteries waiting to be solved.

Clancy is a woman running from something, and Australis Island is just far enough away for her to pack her life into a couple of (very heavy) bags and make her way to wine country to see if she can start over in her chefs career. But if it's peace and quiet she's looking for, her new job with Mac Thomas and his strangely creepy son Greg isn't offering her any of it. Within twenty-four hours she's out of a job, a home, friends and hope. Fortunately, the sexy-but-we're-not-going-to-think-about-that-right-now Berry from the next vineyard anticipated she may run into some trouble and left her with his card.

Is it too early (and too humiliating) to call on the neighbour to come to her rescue?

Soon things escalate, and Clancy finds herself swept up in a sprawling saga that has travelled generations, proving the age old adage that good fences make good neighbours. Not to mention the good looks of this particular neighbour, that extends from the heated stare of his green eyes, to his superbly honed palette, and his talent with phone calls in the middle of the night - that seem to come at exactly the wrong time. Clancy finds that when she ran from where she started, she found herself, and those demons she needs to confront may be packed in that luggage she brought. She and those around her will have to face the mirror. And all of this during the Christmas rush!

Berry Flavours is a short read - a lovely morning with your coffee - and a chance to disappear into the vivid world Darry Fraser creates. There's a little suspense, a little mystery and a lot of delicious cooking wrapped up in a sweet romance that will tickle at your heat levels, but not turn the flush of your cheek to a blush.

Berry Flavours comes highly recommended from me.
You can check out Darry's other books and her blog here.
Berry Flavours is another excellent Steam e Reads read.

Panna Cotta features heavily in Berry Flavours, so I added this image from  the lovely "Grow, Harvest, Cook" website. Click on the image to stroll over to their website and have a look around. 


  1. Thank you, Barbra - that's a wonderful review for my Berry and Clancy. I'm so glad you enjoyed.

  2. I sure did! Thanks so much for stopping by Darry.