Monday, January 20, 2014

Bite me Again... Please? - of a Lesbian Vampire

Bite Me Again... Please?

Zephyr Indigo
Publisher: Indie
Tags: Lesbian, hot, fantasy, sex, longer short story.
Heat Level: super spicy

If you thought The First Taste is Free, the first installment of the Pixie Chix series was hot, then you're in for a marvellous time when you go for a dip into Bite me Again... Please? I said in my first review that I didn't know much about Pixies, and now that I've had a lovely night "enjoying" the second book, I would have to say I'm rather keen to find out more.

Book two is longer than book one, and it's far more sexual, which means it's a little light on plot, but that's OK because the sex is really fun to read, and it's a long series that Zephyr is creating for us. It continues he sexual offerings between Felicia and the lovely pixie Mint as they perform their sexual two-and-fros, bartering against each others lust. Felicia is undergoing a lot of changes and now that she knows how to satiate her lust for blood, she needs to get into the Pixie vale in order to satisfy the craving that replaced the blood lust.

How she manages that - or is about to manage that - will keep you very happy, and eventually very relaxed.


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