Thursday, January 9, 2014

Are cats sexy pets?

When I first got my cat(s) many people made fun of me... that whole writer at home with all the cats thing. People called me crazy cat lady (which I converted to cat woman) and generally teased me about my feline acquisition. It's been two years since then, and we are now living in the post-cat-internet era. Cat's on the net are more than just a 'thing' - the whole cat phenomena seems to be here to stay.

It was then I started to notice an interesting trend.

It's only the fashion-less who tease me for my cat ownership these days. I mean I still cop it from the people who have an investment in embarrassing me (you know, the wicked step mother and people like that) but when it comes to men, in particular, I've noticed a definite eye-brow lift accompanied by a bright eyed smile when I answer yes to the cat question. (I'm still not out enough to bring up my cats at social gatherings)

This is a change from two years ago.

So I thought I would ask the question to you all. Do you have any experience of cat's not being a chic pet - or a sexy pet? Do men look at your cleavage and ask if you own a cat? Do they lean behind you in a bar and  whisper sweet nothings in your ear about your cat?

Let me know if you've noticed a change like I have.

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