Friday, June 27, 2014

Why Intelligent Women Read Romance

This awesome Fabio image comes from IBT. Click on the image to check out their post on why women read romance. 

A most valued reader contacted me recently to ask about my old blog, Why Intelligent Women Read Romance Novels, which I have not updated for a long time now - four years, which is like ten normal years in publishing. It still gets several comments a week, though in the last few months more of these have been spam than anything else.

Like so many things we all do in life, my memories of it were that it was rather crappy, strident and more angry than funny, which might still be true, but having been encouraged to return to it and check it out, I found it more entertaining than I remember. 

A lot of it has dated. I talk at great length about Sex and The City and The Twilight Series and Paris Hilton, topics which have been replaced by Girls, Fifty Shades of Gray and Kim Kardashian, in those crucial four years, and even the names cited there are on their way "out". Still, a lot of it is relevant and funny, and a piece of me can't help feeling there is a bit of pop-cultural fun in it's age as well. 

If you feel like it, pop over and check it out. Some of its fun, some of its frustration, some of its feminist, and some of its futurist. All of it is food for thought.


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