Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogging from A - z Challenge - April 23 T

T is for Tattoo.

I happen to think Tattoos are really erotic - if they're the right ones of course. I mean, I'm not into tribal, or Chinese script you think says "love" but really says "shit" because the guy in the shop was having a go at you, but there are some truly beautiful tattoos. I have always wanted one for myself - maybe I will get up the courage one of these days. Usually when I tell friends I would like to get a tattoo they say, "sure, but think about how ugly it will look when you're 70!"
My answer to that is, pretty much all of me will look ugly when I'm 70, so who cares if the Tat has drooped a little?
I like the idea of writing, but then when I look at the tats below, I think I'd prefer an image.
What I will probably do - what I think would be REALLY amazing - is to let the artist decide what to put on my body, so that I made myself a canvass for their artwork.
Perhaps that's why I haven't done it yet, because I really need to get up the courage for that.

Below are some I found on the net that I really like. I have credited the blog where I found the image under each image and in the link.

I love the way Elise (Veerle Baetens) wears her tats in The Broken Circle Breakdown - she looks especially amazing in the bikini scene.

Best Sleeves eva!

What's not to love here?
One of my favorite Tat designs ever!
SO sexy!
ok! I'll come home with you! geez!


  1. I always wanted a tattoo, but i'm scared to get one!

  2. ha ha ha - I think I'm right there with you Krystol!

  3. Tattoos can be cool. My hairdresser looks like a living piece of art, with basically the entire body covered by tattoos, different artists doing arms, legs, back etc with their respective themes. And she always serves me good coffee >:)

    I don't have any tattoos myself.

    Cold As Heaven

    1. I agree CAH - I think if I did finally get brave enough to do it, I'd prefer the artist decide - sort of give myself as a canvas. The different artists is a lovely idea.
      not sure It's something I will ever actually do however.

  4. I do believe the tattoo is an art form when it is done correctly like the beautiful back of the lady you show here. Some are striking and others just look messy. I watch a show called Pitbulls and Parolees and it is a wonderful program because they hep dogs and men who come from jail. I am not a fan of all their tattoos as I want to give them a good scrub-lol-I know bad of me. I actually dreamt recently that I was crying because my left arm and the front of my chest was all tattooed. So I appreciated the beauty of it but not on me

    1. WOW! That dream was intense!
      I know what you mean though - sometimes they can look really messy.