Saturday, March 15, 2014

Romantic Film Review - Frozen

Anna meets Kristoff.

It may be a cartoon, but the multiple academy award winning Frozen has more for the parents than the usual kids cartoon fare.

Frozen has just won the academy award for best animated feature, and there are some good reasons for that. I've included it in my romantic film review segment, because of the positive messages - finally - it sends to young girls through its narrative. Frozen is the story of a love and respect between sister, it is the trust sisters have in each other that will save town and country in the end. Elsa, one of the sisters, is a remake of the Disney 'Evil Queen' stereotype, forcing us to see (just as Angelina Jolie's Maleficent will) the story of the icy snow queen from the perspective of the Queen herself, and re-branding (to use a Disney term) the Queen in a friendly way.

Anna learns that the Handsome Prince isn't always the best choice. 

However, there are some really nice messages for our girls in the story of Anna. It is Anna and Kristoff who carry the weight of the romance in the film, even though Kristoff isn't the first man Anna falls for and isn't a handsome prince. That role belongs to Prince Hans, a man who will turn out to be an exploitative villain, teaching Anna, and little girls everywhere, that the handsome, rich Prince, who happens to be the first love of your life, is not always as he appears, and may not always be the best thing for you.

Despite all these life lessons, and about-face moves by Disney, Frozen is still a cute and fun romance at its core with the attraction between Anna and Kristoff being all about real attraction, not a mutually beneficial trade negotiation. its funny and fast and beautifully animated.

For parents, trapped in the world of young girls films loop, Frozen may provide you with a welcome relief from the usual Disney princess style cartoon films. At least, it will the first one hundred times you're forced to watch it.

Frozen is funny, and heart warming, as well as full of good mental vitamins. 

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