Sunday, March 16, 2014

Daily Dose of Eros - Trees in Blossom

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It is Autumn here in Sydney Australia, what those of you in the northern hemisphere might call 'Fall'. We're at the other end of blossom time, that happens in spring, but there is a Jasmine tree on my way to catch my train into my various places of work, that seems to have no idea what time of the year it is.

It doesn't just smell heavenly, it looks beautiful as well. It is fat with its blossoms, reaching over the small fence that can barely contain it, onto the pavement that I walk. The cement beneath my feet is velvety at this point, cushioned and soft with all the fallen petals that dust the path, that somehow manage to be swept away before they turn brown.

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This tree and others like it are all planted in the grounds of a very ordinary looking apartment building, that sits close to a railway line and station. It's tenants must hear the trains all the time. The location is inevitably near a busy road also, just another brick and cement block, like so many around it. However, just at the moment, this place looks like a Disney castle, all the jasmine trees in full bloom, the air thick with the rich glorious scent.

We get lovely blossoms here in Australia, but they rarely look like the pink image I have added at the top of this short post. But we do get the most delicious smelling Jasmine, in trees and in bushes, and there are plenty of these to be had. Some of them will blossom all through spring and into other seasons also, so it's not always a short visit by these lovely little flowers.

Somehow, these jasmine trees manage to make me feel so good, so lucky and so happy every time I walk past them. 

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