Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daily Dose of Eros - House Cleaning

Cleaning the house is not usually considered very erotic. But I was talking to a man who just got off the plane from a long flight and a long period of time away from home recently, he was just on his way from the airport to his house. When I asked him if he was tired, he explained that he was, but that he couldn't wait to get home and clean his house.

"What?" said I.
"I get off on it." he said with a sly grin.

We chatted for a little longer, and I held my tongue long enough not to spoil the mood with my reflections on him being a man and cleaning being an erotic novelty.

After he'd gone, I thought about what he'd said. Of course, there is a very great satisfaction in having a clean home - something that women understand deeply and that men have, for the most part, missed out on. It has a zen component, a Sheng Fui thing going on.

Cleaning, as a chore you have to do for a family who don't appreciate it steals from the possible pleasures that de-cluttering a space and removing dirt can bring. This gentleman was right of course, there is an enormous pleasure in cleaning the house. Its a rewarding job. Its not the cleaning itself, and yet if you haven't cleaned yourself, its very difficult to properly understand its pleasures.

Captions above taken from 'Porn for Women', which is available when clicking on the images. 

I gave my home a good spring clean a week ago. A week before that, I had quite a few new pieces of furniture delivered. I derived a huge amount of pleasure from cleaning the house, and I confess, when the task was done, and my home covered in well placed candles, a glass of well earned wine in my hand and some soothing Astrud Gilberto on my turntable, the feeling was one I can really get off on.

Enjoy my favorite "relaxing-after-cleaning" music.


  1. I couldn't help but to laugh. I mean a man getting off on cleaning? That makes for a good book. Maybe you should write it?

  2. Ha ha ha ha - I know hey? Actually, I should have said 2 things that make a very big difference to that statement: 1) he lives alone (he's only cleaning for himself) and 2) he's gay!
    That clears it up a lot I think.