Sunday, March 23, 2014

Daily Dose of Eros - Candles

Candles make everything special.
When you cook dinner together, dim the lights, light candles and include a bottle of wine.
When you go into the bedroom, light the room with candles and don't turn on the TV.
If you're mucking about alone on the net, do it by candlelight.
Have a deep luxuriant bath with candles.
Buy a book of horror stories, a bottle of wine, and some enormous candles. Read one story to each other, or if you are really brave, read the stories alone.
Watch an old Hollywood movie, like Casablanca by candlelight.
Fill the house with candles for absolutely no reason, and play sultry music. 
Drip wax on your lover.
masturbate with a candle a-la-Debbie-Does-Dallas.
Take a lover or a friend candle shopping, then go and buy produce at the market, then go home, cook and eat by candle light.
Sit outside with large out door candles on.
Don't wait for a blackout to use candles instead of electricity.
Create a ritual by carving something you want into a candle then light it in a small ceremony.
Give your current lover a massage to candle light.
Buy a candle making kit and make your own candles.


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    1. Hey Krystol, I just checked out your amazing blog.
      I wanted to include a link to it here.

  2. I have candles in my life most nights. They never fail to rouse my spirits, or make my home look elegant. I love them. :)