Friday, January 3, 2014

Marnie - A little Hitchcock love.

I am currently editing Spellbound, due for release through Steam eReads in February, and one of the great pleasures of going through this book again, is brushing up on my Hitchcock. Marnie was fifty years old the other day, so I had a wonderful time going back and watching it again.

It is still as romantic as I remember, plus it has the addition of Sean Connery, slap bang in the middle of his James Bond years, as the romantic lead. Think, James Bond falls madly in love and decides to devote everything to saving the woman he loves, and you have Marnie. All that sex appeal, charm and charisma devoted to one woman that he can't forget. (sigh)

And then there is those kisses...

Oh la la - who says the 1960's weren't hot on film?
Not Alfred Hitchcock. He knew how sexy Marnie was. Check out his trailer below, and if your appetite is whetted enough, follow that up with a viewing of the film. I promise you won't be sorry.

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