Sunday, January 5, 2014

Best Romance films of 2013

So, I didn't get to see all of them - did you?
But I saw a few, and I thought we needed a list of some of the very best so we can catch up with any we might have missed, or remind each other of the really good ones.
Here is a few that I remember that I really liked.

1. Enough Said
This was probably the best romance film of the year. It's funny and heartwarming, but even better than that, it's a genuinely romantic film about real people falling in love. I shed a tear when he gives her the necklace. How beautiful is that scene?

2. The Great Gatsby
I don't care what anyone says, this film was beautiful and there is nothing as adorably tragic as Gatsby's passionate love for Daisy. I adore this book, I adore the Robert Redford / Mia Farrow version and I adored this! And really, does anything beat the Jack White Love is Blindness song?

3. Before Midnight
Well, it wasn't necessarily feel good, but this was a great film for hope and, unfortunately perhaps, a lot of recognition. In the end the romance you share with the love of your life when you're tired, tortured by kids and over it all is the most important in the world.

4. Beautiful Creatures
I haven't read the book, but I enjoyed the film. I thought it was very romantic and passionate. I can't wait for the follow up films.

5. Don Jon
The perfect older woman film. Don Jon works out exactly why a young man should date an older woman at some point. This is a good film, if you haven't seen it, hunt it down. It's better than it looks.

6. Frozen
I really really really like that song - ha! So that's why I loved this Disney film, even though it really has nothing to do with the fairytale. This is a cute little innocent tale of love gone wrong, fixed up by love gone right, made great by the love between sisters. And you have to laugh at the way everyone gives Anna a hard time for falling in love with the first man she meets. Disney grows up a little in Frozen, and their depiction of love grows up a lot.

7. The Mortal Instruments
Another one that the critics panned that I really liked. I thought this was a sexy teen fantasy.

8. The Spectacular Now
A beautiful tale of the redemptive power of love in teens.

9. Behind the Candelabra
Even though its a true story of love eventually gone wrong, its a beautiful film when the couple in question love each other. Love against the odds.

10. Kill Your Darlings
Another one that is based on a true story, but the power of this one, is similar to that of the film above, the dangers when powerful love is supressed. This is another very sexy film.

Honourable mentions that I haven't seen yet:
Her, About Time, The Invisable Woman and The Railway man.

So what do you think? Have I left any important ones off?

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