Saturday, January 11, 2014

Is your guy romantic?

How important is romance to you?
What is romance to you?

Romance means more than just a bunch of flowers - for example if I'm watching a film with my guy and he can't get through it without reaching for me, pausing, then going back to it later, I feel like I've been spoilt romantically. But that has more to do with attitude than action, and really that's what's at the core of romance. Its the displays of affection, the little touches, the additional messages he didn't need to send, but just wanted to anyway.

What sort of gifts are romantic? I have received mash up's of songs that remind him of me a few times, and I love that as a gift - music says so much. Jewellery is nice, even if its temporary or cheap, like an ankle chain that won't last the summer. I loved a poet for a while, and he gave me poetry regularly. That was very special and really nice.

What is romance to you?

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