Friday, November 1, 2013

White Flesh / BLack Market: Spies in the house of Lust is due out later this week.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I reveal the amazing covers of the next series:
White Flesh Black Market: Spies in the house of Lust.

The three books will be out at the end of this year.

I can't begin to tell you how exciting this is!

These amazing covers were designed and created by Sonny and Biddy at Webuyyourkids. Drop by their website and pay them some love, because these covers are awesome!

White Flesh Black Market: Spies in the House of Lust is the next in my Sexploitation series that specialises in (what I call) "Ironic Porn".  It's a playful dig at all those old spy books and films where "laser" meant more than a beam of light and you could get away with anything by flashing cleavage.

I have to confess to having a little connection with this series, and therefore a lot of love for these books. When I was a tween, (I think it was between twelve and fourteen) and those hormones started to give me hell, I discovered The Baroness books by Paul Kenyon (oh I could do a post on those books alone) and they introduced me to a whole new level of anxious desire and desperate need.

These were my version of the books that eventually fell open at certain pages and were usually waiting for me under the covers with a flashlight when I happily went to bed.

To write White Flesh Black Market: Spies in the House of Lust was a little like going back in time to the heady days of my early sexual awakening when non-virginal women seemed to be in control and getting everything they wanted.

When I decided to write the Sexploitation series I bought copies of the Paul Kenyon books (for inspiration - that's my story and I'm sticking to it) and was delighted to find they're still selling the old print runs. This means large glossy advertisements within the book for Kent Cigarettes, something I don't remember from my parents earlier copies.  When Sonny and Biddy and I met to discuss the cover project, we promised if we were to make hard copies, the talented duo will make up a series of spoof glossies to go into the book.

So that's the story of White Flesh Black Market: Spies in the House of Lust. It's been fantastic writing this series, but (hopefully) not as much fun as it will be to read them. Remember to keep your tongue in cheek and your batteries handy, because it's certainly a wild ride.

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