Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cover Designers for the Sexploitation Series

Besides watching all the cool films, reading all the groovy books and listening to all the funky music, the best part of working on something like the Sexploitation series, is the great artists it has connected me with. I've been lucky, because the most talented graphic design artists in the world have agreed to be a part of the series by creating the cover art.
To date I have been lucky enough to have the following amazing designers work on book covers. As the new books are released, Wah Wah Funk will run interviews and pieces on them, but for the moment, I wanted to draw attention to those hard at work on the various cover designs.

Rockit Marketing and Design
Rockit Marketing and Design
Covers designed by Rockit Marketing and Design

 Shelly Dangor of Rockit Marketing and Design came up with the All For Nun series covers. Aren't they neat?  Check out the Rockit Marketing and Design website above to see what else they do there, and look for the post about Shelly's work and cover on the Wah Wah Funk website.

Webuyyourkids exhibition image
 The amazing Sonny and Biddy are coming up with the designs for White Flesh /Black Market: Spies in the house of Lust due for publication later this month. Click on the above link to check out their website. Above is a personal favorite of mine from the exhibition collection on their website.

Zeloot Cover art

The amazing Zeloot is hard at work on Slammed in the Slammer, the women in prison trilogy that will hit the shelves in April. Clink on this link or the image above to take a peek at the incredible art works in the Zeloot collection.

Doe Eyed Art

Doe Eyed
As if I weren't fortunate enough to be working with all of the artists above, the unstoppable Doe Eyed studio has agreed to do the cover art for Confessions of a Reform School Girl series, the sexploitation books scheduled for May this year. Take a look at the amazing work this studio produces at these links.

There are others in the pipeline (of course - we have 12 of these great books this year) but these are the wonderful artists who are locked in and sealed up for the moment.
Looks like great things to come.

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