Thursday, August 18, 2011


Many years ago – before happily in a monogamous relationship, I “enjoyed” or “played around” with various sexual life style choices.
One of the more interesting ventures was into the world of BDSM. I will talk more about this later in various ways, but I thought I would share a very interesting fetish I came across whilst in the scene.

It’s called Agalmatophilia – or love of mannequins.
This is where a person has a sexual attraction for mannequins.
I think this is one we can all sort of understand, even if it seems dull. We’ve seen of images of people with mannequins, and as we all know, if it is a fetish worth exploring, then a bad 80’s film was made about it.

However, I met two people with a mild variation on this theme.
One, a man, liked to dress women who posed as mannequins. 

This man had an enormous fetish clothing wardrobe (for women) and he would bring the wardrobe to parties and dress women up in the clothing he supplied. His sexual pleasure lay in dressing women who would pose for him as he did it. He didn’t touch them sexually, but they had to pose like mannequins.

The other person, who completes this odd story, is a woman whose fetish was to pose like a mannequin. 
She was often “placed” at the front door of our parties, dressed to the nines (often by the man with the equal and opposing fetish described above) in a pose and she didn’t move all night.

Perhaps the oddest part of this story, these two were not in a relationship.  He would often dress her, and she would pose at the door in the clothing he carried with him, but I guess at the end of the day, they simply didn’t have enough in common.



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