Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Day Hints for Him

Hi there ladies,
So, I have a list here of ten things that he needs to do to get some 'HINTS' about what might work for this forthcoming Valentines Day.
Can you think of any more?
1. Take a look at HER magazines without judgement and with an open mind. What is she interested in? What is she talking to her friends about? Is there a very secret thing you never tell anyone that you could share with her?
2. Go out BEFORE Valentines Day, and buy 1 item from each of the following stores:
  • Crabtree and Evelyn
  • The Body Shop
  • A Card shop (get her a card)
  • A local liquor store (or chocolate shop if she doesn't drink)
  • A flower shop
  • A quality jewellery store

(I absolutely PROMISE you will rock her world)

3. Buy the following items in co ordinated fragrances: Body lotion, hand lotion, bubble bath, fragrant candle, perfumed soap, shampoo and conditioner.

4. Give her a massage. A REAL one. Dim the lights, play her favourite chill out CD, make the bed and put a big fresh towell over it, use some oil (can be a simple plain cooking oil if you don't have much money) and look up some simple massage techniques on the net. Go slow, be gentle, think - all the time - about how you would like to be massaged and only - I repeat ONLY - expect sex if she initiates it.

5. Do a household chore that is usually her 'job'. Make her dinner, clean the bathroom. do the grocery shopping, or clean the kitchen. Do it properly and let her 'discover' it. Don't brag about it as soon as she gets home.

6. Buy yourself a really nice lounge jacket with matching boxers, and take a shower. Shave, do your hair, and put on some after shave. Just wait and see how she reacts to that!

7. Do something with her that you hate doing and do it without complaint. Go dress shopping with her (and give honest warm feedback about how you love to see her dressed) go to a romantic movie, take her to the ballet.

8. behind her back, read one of her favourite erotic romances. One that you know she goes back to over and over. Analyse it and think about yourself and how you treat her. Surprise her by doing something in the book the hero does.

9. Buy her chocolates and tell her you had to do it because you thought she was wasting away to nothing! Hug her and thank her for having such a sexy body!

10. Ask her what worries her the most and EMPATHISE! Don't problem solve. Listen, and give her feedback like "I know that feeling. I was scared when..." or "I get really upset when people..." Validate her feelings!

Most of all, tell her you LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

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  1. Hi Barbra

    Loved your post. If only men would read romance novels, we'd all be living the fantasy, ha, ha.

    My husband doesn't read them, though I do read them out to him on ocassions. He complains no end, though I have a sneaking suspicion that he likes some parts more than others ;-)