Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Muse Charmer

I did a little blogging for a wonderful writer about a month ago, and only just realized I hadn't posted about it here!

So go and check out The Muse Charmer. 

I first cyber-met Mary through an author group on Yahoo, but I have since become an avid follower of her blog. I was instantly attracted to her intelligent connection between the practical application of peace and the busy fast-paced world of contemporary writing. Her blog - aptly titled The Muse Charmer - is like an oasis in a desert, a place I go to rest my "self-important busy-ness" and get in touch with that part of me that loves writing, no matter how punishing a recent edit might be or how tricky and mystifying a marketing campaign might be.

I put her talent for warm hearted peaceful connection down to her home on fifteen acres in the Ozarks. I wasn't familiar with that part of the world, and then I Googled it - and it's absolutely beautiful. I live in Sydney, Australia and beautiful surrounds are part of our day, something we are very familiar with, so we are rarely impressed by other landscapes, but strolling through the images of "Mary Country" is a new experience of heaven on earth. It made perfect sense to me that her blog is as generous with its beauty as it is, because who could not be a delight in such a place?

Having said that... I have a feeling Mary would be a delight no matter where she lives.

So, take some time to click on the link above. I chat to Mary about writing serialized fiction, particularly my challenge with self published release dates, that may give a few of you who witness the fluctuating deadlines on my blog cause for a knowing chuckle, plus other challenges and pleasures of working on trilogies.

Speaking of which, while you're net hopping, take a look at Mary's books and other resources for writers and readers.

Please note: All images in this post are from Mary's website and belong to her. Please contact her website for any permissions. Thanks, Barbra.

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