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1001 Ways to be Romantic - Valentines Day Gift Tips and Tricks

1001 Ways To Be Romantic

One of the best self help books I have ever seen is Gregory J.P Godek's 1001 ways to be romantic. I have this ancient version that I have returned to many times throughout the years, not for my novels, but for real life, to offer advice to friends, male and female who aren't sure what romantic gift, or gesture they can give their partner. 

I use the term "self help" loosely because the best thing about 1001 Ways to be Romantic is that it is completely practical and obviously tried and tested in the market place of his marraige. 

Godeck loves romance, and he loves thinking of ways to make life better through romance. 
Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity for you to make a little promise to yourself that you will spark up your love life. 

Try some of these tips and tricks and see if they don't make the biggest difference:

My Favourite Romance tips from 1001 Ways to be Romantic:

1. Lovers hair washing. 

Its so simple, but think of that moment at the hairdresser when you get your hair washed - I mean really really washed, scalp rub and all, by the hairdresser. We can all do that, you can either go all out, get fancy new product, a bath hose, whatever, or you can just do it with what you already have. Here is a cool video that will give you perfect tips on how to do a perfect job. Set it all up in your bathroom - and off you go. 

2. Go to a gaming arcade together.

Possibly confronting, I know, but chuck on your jeans and your courage, and step out into alien territory together. Take some cash, eat fried yacky on a stick, play air hockey, watch each others games, find a game your're both good at. Observe the people around you, who may or may not be the usual types of folk you hang with. In fact, the more "different" from you the better. Most of all, have HEAPS of fun! See if you can win a teddy bear.

3. Surprise them with a household chore that is usually their job

There are few humans that don't love to come home to a clean bathroom (including the toilet) with frewsh towells, especially if its a job that really needs doing. Or take out the rubbish quickly before they have to do it. Or have dinner ready when they get home. Or put fresh sheets on the bed, dust the side tables and hang all the clothes in the bedroom. Wash the car, mow the lawns, weed the garden. Anything your lover usually does, do it just when it needs and just before they do it. 

4. Awkward purchase gifts

Lovers, notice her cycle and her habits, and when her period is due, buy her a box of her favouirite tampons or pads, a weepy movie and a box of chocolates. 
Notice what sort of pornography your lover likes, and buy a subscription for it. 
Buy the embarrasing cream, the toilet paper, or the special thing you need for that horrible rash in that spot that makes you feel like a dick every time you have to ask for it at the counter. Get her birth control pills script filled, get the condoms. 

5. Go skinnydipping

At the beach at night, in a spa or hot tub, or in the neighbours pool! Just find a way to do it and do it together.

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