Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Circus Contraption

I first discovered Circus Contraption flirting my way around You Tube, willing something new to find me. I had these Hitchcock inspired novels to write, but I wasn't in the mood for their specific music that warm day. I wanted music that would push its way into me, find those dark empty places and tease them into a lit flame.

Like a pimp that knows you better than you know yourself, the internet can provide when your pheromones are in tune, and sure enough, sultry blues eventually clicked me through to Circus Contraption, and I've been a devotee ever since.

Circus Contraption is the sort of sound porn that taps into the macabre sensuality of faded circus debauchery, hedonic in promise, rather than deed. I feel a fearful acknowledgement rise within, as if it may give way to an uncontrolled licentiousness from which I'd never recover.

This then, becomes the perfect mood in which to write, as a false courage feeds my bravado because I fool myself into thinking I'm confronting lecherous fears. 

I'm not of course, I'm safe in my room dreaming of grimy clowns with rouge-smeared-smiles, erotically charged dwarfs, and women with fur covered flesh, still unsure if their materialised promise would take me away forever.

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