Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spellbound to be published by Steam eReads on February 14 2014


I am thrilled to announce a new novel I've written entitled Spellbound. I wrote Spellbound at the end of 2012 and it had a strange journey, moving from agent to agent, until I entered it into the (very lucrative) Steam eReads erotic fiction contest, where it became a finalist. As soon as Spellbound made it through the first round, I pulled it out of the agent selections, and let the novel find its own path.  I was offered a contract by Steam eReads and jumped at the chance to be published by this exciting new publisher.

Spellbound is the first of a trilogy about Connie, a young woman in Sydney's Kings Cross who is struggling to become a film maker. Struggling, that is, until she meets the handsome multi-millionaire Jack Sinclair, who introduces her to the world of BDSM, as seductively as he creates film connections for her career. But Connie is independent, and Jack isn't all that he seems - which is a problem because Connie is falling hard.

Spellbound is heavily influenced by the films of Alfred Hitchcock, and uses many Hitchcock tropes such as slow winding suspense and small mysterious clues, along with old world 1940's glamour set in a 2013 lifestyle. It's a fun novel - fun to write and fun to read.

Oh and of course, like all Barbra Novac novels, its very very HOT.

Spellbound will be released by Steam eReads on the fourteenth of February 2014 - the best publication day of the year for erotic romance. Check out my authors page at their website here.

The famous Dali scene from Hitchcock's film Spellbound.

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