Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All For Nun - Book Two

All For Nun Volume 2 Out Now

If Sister Melanie thought she met up with perversion in book one, wait till you read about her continuing saga in book two. Shipped off to the Island, she will have to pay her fare on the way over with a large group of sailors, not to mention keep the perpetually wicked Father Leonardo satisfied. However, all these evils are nothing to what she will find when she gets to this place of the damned. Sister Melanie will continue to do her best, holding on desperately to beliefs that are getting weaker and weaker in the face of so much degenerate behavior. But her perverse desire and her unrelenting pleasure when used is still attracting her attention. The wrong kind of attention.

(Warning - the following material is explicit and uses religious iconography that my offend some readers.)

She stood there, wearing only her collar, the chain hanging down between her large breasts. The first thing she noticed was the enormous wooden cross laid out on the floor. Each of the four points of the cross was tapered down and carved to form the shape of a cock. Impaled on each cock, each of the four points of the cross, were four beautiful young women, their breasts wobbling, their hair hanging free, their legs spread wide to accommodate the cross point dicks.
Behind each woman, a hooded figure sat, holding her legs open, sliding her back and forth on the cross.
Melanie couldn’t help it. She began to get aroused. One of the women looked over at her and a smile spread across her face. She thrust hard into the cross as Melanie watched, bracing her bare feet against the long centre plank, pushing harder and harder as she looked at Melanie. The figure supporting her started to lose control as the woman bucked and writhed over the top of the cross. Suddenly, she came in a large explosion as the arm of the cross pressed deep inside her.
As soon as this happened, the crack of a whip came out of nowhere and stung her across her breasts. A large man, dressed like the monster that had washed her, including a gross erection poking out of his underwear, stood holding the whip. She cried out, and allowed her head to sink to the side, with a huge smile on her face.  The figure behind her regained control and continued to push and pull her back and forth, fucking her strongly on the cross. Melanie could see the cock shape was now covered in a clear thick slick juice.
She felt the wetness between her legs. She wanted to take that fake cross cock and suck it clean.
Suddenly there was a voice at her side.
“We are trying to cure these little whores of their orgasms. These are young women sent by their fathers to cure their evil. Each of them has similar problems to you, everything turns them on.”
Melanie turned toward the hooded figure at her right. This time it was a male voice and he was taller than her.
“What am I to do?”
“You will get on the cross and move around to each one and suck their clits making them cum. We know you know what a clit is.  We know you know how to suck a woman properly.”
Melanie did know. She’d learned from Sister Fergie, the Nurse and Marcus.
“Why must it be me?” Melanie said. “I want no part in this. I don’t want to see the women get hurt.”
“Does that woman look hurt to you?” said the voice.
Melanie looked over at the young girl that came while looking at her.  She was filled with lust again and was starting to thrust hard on the cross.
“We are training them to enjoy the whipping. It is a trigger. We are training them to take pleasure from women as part of their cure from the cock.”
“Why?” said Sister Melanie who was now so wet almost nothing was going to keep her out of the action before her.
“They can help each other back in the world. It is men who fear female orgasm. Not women. If these women learn to take their pleasure from each other, it will help them not need it from men as much.”
This made complete sense to Melanie whose cunt now cried tears of frustration.
The room smelt like ripe, wet cunt, and all the women were moaning with pleasure. They did not seem to be in any pain at all.
As usual, she forgot all her plans, she wanted to cum and cum bad.  And she hadn’t tasted a woman for a long time.
“Who are those holding them?”
“They are nuns. If they are needed they will help you.”
“Will the oaf hold off while I am here?”
“Yes.  You are to help them get off from a woman’s mouth.  Its only when they take it from the cross again that they will be punished.  If you don’t do this, we will send you to the tower.”
Melanie wanted to do it.
“It’s ok. I’ll do it.”

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