Friday, March 15, 2013

All For Nun - Book Three

And here we have the third and final stretch of Melanie's sad and sorry tale.  I won't spoil the ending for you, suffice to say if you like sex with statues and vines, then this is the book for you. With a little more plot and a lot more action, I had to include all the naughty nasty we need to help get us through the day.  :)
Melanie will discover that she has been noticed by the darkest of all underworld lords himself, and that her overt and wanton lust can turn on anything, human or otherwise. But now any hope of her own salvation must include her friends.  Or, perhaps it will involve the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of her friends?

(Warning - the following contains explicit language and religious icongraphy that may be offensive to some readers. )


Suddenly Melanie could move.  She slithered her way off the table, only to be grabbed by the rough hands of the men who bent her over the table to fuck her from behind. One of the priests sat on the table in front of her, his robe hiked up to his waist. He spread his legs wide and moved forward so that Melanie’s mouth rested over the top of his cock. She opened it immediately to take the enormous hardness into her face, allowing the heated thrust to reach the back of her throat. The man behind her pumped her hard, mercilessly, without thought for her feelings.  Just the way Melanie liked it. He reached forward so she could feel his breath against the back of her neck and clasped his hands either side of her head. He pushed her face hard down onto the cock that thrust up into her at the same time. Melanie started to gag and choke on the cock as the other one kept its relentless pump steady.
"That's good!  Fuck that bitch’s face hard."  Said the nun standing by to watch. Melanie turned slightly and noticed she was fisting the thick red little member of the fat priest as he watched the threesome in front of him. Her own voyeurism was soon displaced by the slamming of her head over the hard cock in front of her. There was nothing to do other than keep air in her lungs, allow the thick lobs of saliva to drip out of her mouth and cum on the cock pounding her cunt.
Melanie took a deep breath as the two priests lost their rhythm and worked against each other by accident.
"Oh god!  Not like that!  Like this!" the woman cried.
Then she was up on the table next to them.  Melanie felt her hands on the back of her head, as she forced the great dick hard down her throat.
"This woman is a witch gentlemen."  She said as she slid her hands over Melanie’s nose. "You're supposed to hurt her."
She blocked Melanie’s airwaves so that for a moment she couldn’t breathe. The temporary loss of oxygen made her gag even stronger over the cock that was thrusting harder into her face. She coughed and choked. For a moment she was scared she might die impaled like this on these two cocks. Her face over the one, the other up her cunt. She exploded in orgasm at the thought over the cock inside her pussy in time to the nun freeing her nose so that she could gulp some air. The slight loss of air left her light headed and Melanie found to her delight that it made the orgasm all the more intense.
She found herself slipping into delirium.
The nun pulled her off the cock in her throat and pushed the man behind her away.
"Enough!"  She said.  "I want you all to spill your seeds into me together!"
Melanie fell immediately to the floor. The room appeared as if it were a blurred haze. It moved slightly, spinning in time with rich colors that accented each moment of the twirl. She felt as if in a dream, as if she could achieve tings she never imagined possible. She felt alive. And also, along with this feeling of being alive, she felt dead.  It was the kind of death men confuse for the start of heaven.  Melanie was in the place one could imagine was set aside for the righteous by god.
And yet, this place was earth. And it was, if the truth matters at all, a place despised by god and closer to a kind of hell than a kind of heaven. Melanie was in no place that was friendly to her, no matter how good it felt.

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