Monday, March 11, 2013

All For Nun - Book One

Sister Melanie is a perverted Nun. Due to her wild exploits, her father sent her to a convent thinking this might straighten her out. But we all know about convents don't we?  And we all know what the Church allows to happen, all the while turning a blind eye.
Set in a time when women were treated for hysteria if they experienced sexual desire, the Priests and local doctor find great pleasure in examining Sister Melanie, watching her interact with other sisters (and a willing nurse) and trying to purify her unholiness with their clean, perfect emissions. Because it is impossible for a woman to experience this much pleasure, when she should be thinking of male pleasure, Sister Melanie is assumed to have something very seriously wrong with her.
Her condition requires more testing.
And more.
And more...
And more.

Excerpt from All for Nun #1

In the small prayer room, Sister Melanie prayed hard indeed. The Tribunal was bad news, and they must consider her guilty of a grave crime indeed. The only crime she knew they presided over was devilry or witchcraft.  They must believe she has a demon inside her.
The small room was cramped. So cramped Sister Melanie fancied she'd rather lie on the bed of thorns, as she’d become used to the pain of it. She imaged, for a moment, that life seemed a peculiar thing. One could get used to almost any treatment, if one believed it as inevitable. The question is always one of, what should be deemed inevitable and which is a battle to be fought. Sister Melanie had thought there were those fighting on her behalf at the convent Santarosa.  Fighting for her salvation with vehemence and a dedication she had rarely seen the like of in her short life. In light of those battles and her struggles, the tribunal made no sense.
She was not in the small cupboard more than four hours when she heard the rattle of the key in the lock of her door. A small candle light greeted her, but she recognized the frame of Father Leonardo immediately. She stood, as there was nothing else to do, and waited for instruction as he stared at her.  His stare was impassive. Sister Melanie could not discern anything in it, so she felt she had to glance down and wait.
At length.  It came.
"Sister Melanie. I came to pray with you. I and my brothers feel at fault because our ministrations - enthusiastic and thorough as they have been - have not been able to cure you. We are worried about these latest developments. Come out here child, and pray with me."
To say that Sister Melanie felt some relief is to fall far short of the feeling that graced her at this time. She felt greatly mollified as she followed Father Leonardo into one of the larger prayer rooms. She was filled with light and hopes when he instructed her to bend to her knee, and placed his hand on her head. She prayed with a mighty heart as he slithered his naked rock hard member between her hands and she opened her mouth and sucked with all her might to see if she could elicit some more of that delicious seed that might kill the tormented rage within her.
The Good Father prayed, his hand firm upon her head, his body hard within her mouth, as he begged for her forgiveness. He lowered a second hand to her head and helped her, pressing her closer to his body, his balls dangling against her chin, his face lifted heaven ward.  The longing in his voice was genuine, for he did not want to see his prize pet taken from him. It took him no time to pour his purity down her vile throat, and then he instructed her to lick him gently clean as he softened against her lips.

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