Saturday, July 3, 2010

Women on Top

Have you read the Nancy Friday Books yet?
OK - they're from a few years back.
However, I still find them exciting and relevant.
Women on top analyses the sexual fantasies of more than 150 women to find out what women think about when they're masturbating.
When the book first came out, this was still shocking and women were still thought to not have sexual fantasies.
However, I still find it relevant today, as well as a little shocking.
One of the interesting aspects of this study, is the attraction women have for unusual types of sex like bestiality. While this may seem unlikely at first, when you look at the attraction women have for 'shape shifting' heroes in romance novels, it may not be as surprising as we imagine.
So what is it that women have for beasts? there are a lot of them in literature. Don't forget Frankenstein was created by a 21 year old Mary Shelly. We have the lover affair between beauty and the beast. And then today we have vampires and ware wolves. Some romance novels even have a woman keeping the wolf or dog as a 'pet' that morphs into human form, who they end up taking as their lover.
You've really got to wonder what is behind this.

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