Monday, April 19, 2010

Tantric Sex

Do you know much about tantric sex?
It is famous for it's jokes in our culture rather than for how much we know about it. At least I think that is the case, from what I could gather on the Internet.

However tantric sex is really about joining in a deeper way with your lover. It's about finding each other past the boundaries we have in place to keep us safe and comfortable. Tantric sex encourages the use of ritual and exercises to find ways to get closer to your partner and have sex be more of a spiritual experience.

One of the articles I read recently talks of a commitment ritual that consecrates your relationship. Here are the steps:

1. Start by affirming your decision to be together by choice.

2. Take turns to describe what you value about your partner, and tell your lover why you are committed to the relationship.

3. Talk about how the relationship has helped you blossom, and what you appreciate unexpected ways the relationship has unfolded.

4. Articulate the fundamental principles in your relationship, whether honesty, love, fidelity, or courage.

5. Share what you would like to improve.

6. Outline aspects of the relationship you will work on in order to improve it.

7. Listen to your partner express their feelings about the dynamics of the relationship.

8. Hear your partners intentions for the relationship.

9. Repeat what you both value about the relationship.

10. Express your mutual appreciation and respect for each other.

11. Celebrate your desire to give each other pleasure and to celebrate the bliss inside yourself.

12. Acknowledge the sacredness of sexuality and its power to transform your life.

Sounds like a lovely night in to me.



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